Dončić drops 27 pts in loss to LeBron-less Lakers

Dončić drops 27 pts in loss to LeBron-less Lakers

The Dallas Mavericks returned home for the first time in 2019. After three losses in the last four games on the road, the Mavs failed to defeat the Los Angeles Lakers who came to the American Airlines Center without injured LeBron James.

Dallas showed two different sides on Monday. The Mavs had 15-point lead, but in the second period they made too many mistakes while the Lakers outscored them. It was Luka Dončić who tried to rally the Mavericks, but the damage was unfixable. The Lakers won 107-97, proved that they can win without James and dropped the Mavs’ home record to 15-4 and 18-22 on the season.

The Mavs collected a season-low 12 assists, including only two in the second half. “We obviously got to move the ball better,” coach Rick Carlisle said. “We’ve got to get to a point where it becomes a habit and not something that is only a convenience. A lot of guys will try to do the right thing to make something happen, but we’re best on offense when we do move it. And when we move it we’re always better on defense because we’re always more energized.”

Dončić was the only Dallas player who exceeded 11 points. He scored 27 points, eight rebounds and two assists. “We did bad,” Dončić said. “Our defense wasn’t as great as the first half. I think they played way better defensively in the second half. We didn’t move the ball as well as we did in the first half.”

Dallas will host the Phoenix Suns on Wednesday.