CHICAGO – The All-Star weekend started on a high note for Luka Dončić. The 20-year old sensation was a part of World team in the Rising Stars Challenge. Team World lost to the USA team 151-131, but Dončić left a mark. A moment Dončić and others will remember for quite some time is definitely a buzzer halfcourt shot.

“It was fun,” said Dončić. “In those games fans want to see a lot of dunks, a lot of long threes and fun stuff. The halfcourt shot, you can ask Deandre Ayton. He will tell you. I called it before the timeout, so you can ask him.”

Dončić played 24 minutes and collected 16 points, two rebounds and five assists.

Friday was special for Dončić for one other reason as well. Former president Barack Obama surprised the Rising Stars Game players. “It was a pleasure,” said Dončič. “It was nice meeting him. I hope to hang out with him soon, so it was a pleasure.”

Obama embraced Dončić as they shook hands and jokingly warned him not to take shooting advice from Jason Kidd. “He just came to me and introduced himself. Obviously, I know who he is. He just said, ‘You do a fantastic job.’ That really inspired me. And he said, ‘Don’t shoot like J-Kidd’”

Dončić will be in the starting lineup for Team LeBron on Sunday at the All-Star Game.